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How to Balance Your Armpit Bacteria to NEVER Smell Again (NO Deodorant required)


Reaching the age of adolescence can be really stressful since there are gym classes and hot days when you sweat a lot and smell bad. To avoid the smelly part, more than 90% of teenagers and adults in the US use antiperspirant or deodorant to neutralize the odor. This became a universal rule and even 78% of the people should never use deodorant because of their genes but they still do.

You need to understand that sweat does not smell. The general thought is that we smell because we sweat a lot. However, this is not true since the bacteria in the armpit releases that awful smell. The lipids and amino acids in the sweat can be easily broken down by the bacteria and they will transform into substances with the different smell which is results to our body odor.

Over the last decades, the main rules for solving the body odor problem increased along with the hygiene routines. There are two methods for fighting the smelly armpits – the one involving eliminating bacteria with deodorant which consists triclosan, the other includes blocking the sweat glands and killing bacteria by using deodorant containing aluminum.

But, some medical experts discovered that using deodorants or antiperspirants extensively has some really frightening side effects. The research is still in process but the claim had a great impact on people.

However, academic people made research on the same topic and the bacteria community called microbiome in our body is further studied. Experts even call it a new organ system in our body since it has a great impact on the health. It can lead to various issues including life-threatening C. diff (Clostridium Difficile Colitis) to less serious ones like body odor.

This can be really shocking since our methods for stopping the body odor are barbaric in comparison with this research.

The Ecosystem of Armpit
The armpit has various naturally placed bacteria in the same way as the gut has.
This is the most heavily populated area on our body by bacteria, but the microbial community does not really diverge.
According to Dr. Armpit, you can find five times more diversity on the hand or two times more on the belly button.
Around 70% of the bacteria go into one or two groups. The one is the odor related, while the other is not.
The gut can be destabilized by some antibiotics or type of food and eliminating good bacteria while permitting some microbes to cause problems.
Just like the gut, it can appear in the armpit too.
Any ecosystem needs balance so that it is healthy.
If you avoid the products which can damage the ecosystem you will be able to decrease the smelly bacteria and eliminate them over a period.
It’s Not Just About Body Odor
Microbiome research revealed that our whole body is linked to the microbe community.
We are still discovering that the gut microbiome has just an effect on digestion, but also on our attention and mood.
The connection between our body and the ecosystem is showing through the underarm area.
Instead of working against the microbiome we should work with them.

Start right now with these tricks:

Use Mild Soaps:
If the soap contains strong surfactants like SLS AND SDS or Castille soap, then it can eliminate the protective sebum full with good fats that are used to protect the skin.
With these soaps, the good microbes will have a perfect environment for developing.

No Aluminum:

The active ingredient which can restrict the process of sweating is the aluminum.
This substance is often linked to many health conditions and many companies which promote the brand as natural use the word “aluminum­free” to show that the formula does not contain this harmful ingredient.

Avoid Crystal Deodorants:

Always check the label, since these deodorants often claim they are aluminum free.
You may notice an ingredient called “alum” which is still a part of the harmful potassium aluminum sulfate.
This may be a greater option than other antiperspirants, but it still contains that harmful substance and are not aluminum­free as they claim.

Be Cautious When Using Strong Antibacterials:

These strong antibacterials are mostly parabens and triclosan, which can have a destabilizing effect on the microbiome on the armpits and prevent the development of the good bacteria.… Read more

6 Armpit Signals That Can Indicate Health Issues


Persons are continually getting used to the fact that they should take proper care of themselves to sustain good health and prevent possible health issues and diseases and we are paying enough attention to our body parts, but very often happens that, we miss small areas. However, their importance shouldn’t be belittled. Such as, the armpit area can hint at having certain diseases and health issues.


Having a sour smell in the armpit area is a natural occurrence. It might happen because of bacteria that feel free and comfortable to grow in the zones with a lot of sweat. But, we all happen to know that it is actually quite easy to fight such a smell — just take a shower and use deodorant. But in case your armpits’ smell is steady and strong, it’s the first sign of having potential health issues.

Having some unusual smell that can not be removed even after taking a shower can be a signal of a hormonal disorder and thyroid dysfunction. If this smell resembles the scent of “rotten fruit” or like “nail polish”, then it could be a signal of ketoacidosis — the loss of the body’s ability to metabolize the sugar.


Once more, feeling itchy in the armpit area after shaving is normal due to the growth of new hairs. But in case the itchiness doesn’t stop, it’s yet another signal that there is something wrong within your body.

Having some severe irritation may be caused by the reaction of the skin to the razor, clothing fabrics, and substances that creams or deodorants contain. Some red spots and dead cells usually appear together with such itchiness. In case this happens, there is a chance your skin has a fungus that should be treated by a doctor.


It’s actually always quite warm and humid in the armpit area, creating the perfect environment for reproducing various yeast infections and is impossible to learn what infection you’re suffering from if you do not check with a specialist, which is the reason why you should address a doctor if you suddenly feel itchiness, redness, and small rashes on your skin. Such kinds of skin reactions can also be caused by friction from clothing, climate or allergies.


Experiencing some painful feelings appearing in the armpits are no reason to rush to the doctor right away. This pain might happen due to hard physical labor after intensive training or after carrying heavy things. For these cases, it is always temporary and will disappear soon.

But, if your painful feelings last for quite a while (for example, several days), then you should seek a consultation from a doctor. Even though it happens rarely, this pain can signal about a formation of tumors in the lymph nodes.

Seals and lumps

The lymph nodes that are located in the armpits are completely invisible, but in case you to spot some kind of sealing and swelling, it can signal about the fact that these are actually trying to fight some newly appeared infection by themselves. This situation will in turn normalize without outside interference after some time.

Nevertheless, you shall definitely consult a doctor in case the inflammation hasn’t disappeared by itself within a week. It might happen to be a worrisome sign because swollen lymph nodes are a signal of a serious infection and sometimes even cancer.

Excessive sweating

It’s quite normal to sweat a lot if you’re doing intense physical activity but not if you’re sitting, walking or sleeping. These are signs that should alarm you. Hyperhidrosis might as well mean a dysfunction in the levels of hormones that can be signaling an onset of menopause. What is more, having excessive sweating is one of the signs of diabetes and gout.… Read more