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Trick That Will Change Your Life! Slice a Lemon In 4 Parts, Put Some Salt On It and Place It In the Kitchen!


We all know that lemons are one of the healthiest fruits that we will ever eat. These citrus fruits enhance the flavor of both drinks and foods. Lemons are extremely beneficial for the heart and provide healthy skin complexion. These miracles are also used in the treatment of germs, viruses and bacteria.

Only a few people know that lemons are great for eliminating bad odors in the fridge and the kitchen. They kill germs and bacteria commonly found on the kitchen surfaces.

Try This Simple Trick:

Cut the fruit in quarters. The quarters should hold together so be careful to not cut through completely. Sprinkle some over it and then place it somewhere in the kitchen.

The lemon will start releasing its aroma and thus eliminate bad odors. As we already mentioned above, it will also destroy any germ and bacteria.

You can also make a potent disinfectant by using this powerful fruit. Make a mixture between some salt, soap and freshly squeezed juice from 3 lemons. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle with water and use it to get rid of germs, viruses and bacteria.

Do not forget that natural cleaning products are always a better option than chemical based products. This handy trick will provide amazing results!… Read more

Cut a Lemon in 4 and Add Salt. Place it in the Kitchen to Change Your Life!


According to experts, lemons are one of the healthiest fruits in the whole world because they are rich in minerals, vitamins, and other pivotal nutrients. They are known to possess potent medicinal abilities such as fighting off germs, bacteria, and viruses, protecting the hair, skin, and heart, etc. We frequently add lemon juice to improve the taste of numerous meals and drinks.

Beneficial Uses of Lemons

What you may not have known by now is that lemons are so potent that they can help you eliminate bad odors in the kitchen, where germs and bacteria often develop on some of the surfaces. Here is what you will need to do:

Take one middle-sized lemon and cut it into 4 parts, but not completely, so that it still holds together. Then, sprinkle a bit of salt on top of it and leave it in the kitchen. The lemon will start releasing a pleasant aroma and suppress the bad odors and remove all bacteria and germs.

DIY Disinfectant with Lemons

To avoid exposure to commercial disinfectants filled with different types of adverse chemicals, you should make your own with the help of lemons. You will need lemon juice from 3 lemons mixed with a bit of salt and soap. The mixture needs to be poured into a spray bottle. Use it for disinfection of different areas of your home.… Read more

How to Stop a Heart Attack in Just 60 Seconds – It’s A Very Popular Ingredient in Your Kitchen


There is a time when you will have to witness or go through a life threatening situation, and having a competent knowledge in such cases can be a very powerful tool. In the today’s article, we will look at how you can stop a heart attack in only 60 seconds and save a life. Additionally, you will need one thing to do that and it is probably in your kitchen at this moment. John Christopher, a renowned herbalist, managed to uncover the most fruitful remedy for this kind of cases. He explained that there are around fifty other herbal remedies to resolve this crisis.

But the one we will introduce is the best that has been discovered. He is very famous in the area of alternative medicine and he has made numerous contributions to this field. So, what is the secret? It is cayenne pepper. It is a common type of chili pepper in different part of the world, and as he believes, it is a very effective tool in stopping heart attacks in less than a minute. According to information received from the Scoville Heat Units, there are more than 90.000 Scoville units in one cayenne pepper. Some other peppers, such as Scotch bonnets, Thai Chai, African bird, Habanero, Jalapeno etc are all variations of the same pepper species with a same SHU value. Also, these peppers are popular and can be found in almost every health food store and markets.

How the Process Works 

The first thing you shall be aware of is that the person experiencing a heart attack must be conscious in order for this to work properly. Mix one teaspoon of cayenne pepper in a glass of water and make them drink it slowly. In the case where the person is unconscious, place a couple drops of cayenne extract under their tongue. It will act as a potent stimulant that boosts the heart rate, and causing the blood to flow quickly throughout the body. In addition, it is as well useful for people recovering from a heart attack or people who are bleeding profusely. Its nature is hemostatic and is able to stop bleeding in an instant.

Dr. Schulz’s Cayenne Tincture Recipe

 This recipe is known as the most effective remedy in the case of heart attackOnly cayenne pepper shall be used and there should be no problem getting ahold of some. The chili is not recommended for this recipe because of its pepper alkaloid content. Ingredients: 1-3 cayenne peppers (fresh), 50% alcohol (vodka recommended), Cayenne powder, 1 liter glass bottle.


The safety is important so get some gloves before anything else. First, fill the glass bottle quarter way up with cayenne pepper and then add just enough alcohol in order to cover the powder completely. Place the peppers in a blender, add the alcohol and mix until you get a saucy texture. Pour enough mixture from blender into the bottle to fill it ¾ way up. After, put the alcohol in order to fill the last ¼ of the bottle and close it. Shake the bottle a few times daily. Place the bottle in a dark and cool place for 14 days and then strain into a dark colored bottle. In case you prefer a stronger tincture, let the mixture sit for 3 months prior to straining. And lastly, put the strained mixture in a dark, dry place so it cannot spoil.

Dr Schulz’s recommended Dosage

In the case where the person who suffered the heart attack is still conscious, give them 5-10 drops of the tincture, and then repeat the same after 5 minutes. You shall keep repeating until their condition gets better. When the person is unconscious, place 1-3 drops under their tongue then proceed to give them CPR.

Health Benefits 

It is helpful in treating allergies, flu symptoms, stomach problems, migraines, toothaches, obesity, arthritis and redness of the skin. Helps to stimulate gastric production to aid with digestion. Also, its anti-fungal nature prevents Colletotrichum and Phomopsis. It is wonderful for smokers and other individuals that are suffering from lung cancer. The included capsaicin in cayenne pepper is thought to prevent tumor development caused by tobacco and it also applies to liver cancer patients. We can also say that cayenne pepper is really one miracle plant that has amazing health benefits. In addition to that, in case you have heart issues, this is something that shall be always in your home.… Read more