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The Shape of Your Legs Can Tell You What You Are In a Relationship


When men like women they spend a lot of time observing that lady and they often try to find more about her. From her physical appearance to what kind of movies or music she likes. Understand the body language and the human anatomy we can get a clear picture of what kind of women or men we’re looking at.

In today’s article, we will talk about how The shape of a woman’s legs can tell a lot about her. You will be surprised how true this perception might be. The shape of the legs can also define the woman’s sexual behavior.

You can try this for yourself first. You just need to place your feet very close to each other and look at yourself in the mirror.

Type A

The legs are contiguous and there is only one gap between them, starting from the ankles and ending a little higher than the middle of the calves. It is believed that the smaller the gap between the legs, the more comfortable that person is in bed.

These women are very gentle and they attract men with their femininity and tenderness. Furthermore, they’re very shy and don’t like to take the initiative for a conversation with new people. It is recommended for women with such legs to be more interactive.

Type B

The legs touch each other only at the ankles. This kind of women loves new adventures and experiences. When it comes to intimacy, they love trying new things and think of it as a game. They’re very brave and like to take the lead in a relationship. However, sometimes such courage can scare some men immediately. This is why balance is the key to such situation.

Type C

When the thighs are close to each other, but the tibias don’t touch. Such women are very gentle and love the romance. If you give them some space they can easily turn into wild cats and rock your world.

Type D

The legs touch each other at the upper thighs, at the knees, calves and ankles. This is one of the most widespread shapes of legs.

These women like the traditional way of doing things even when it comes to bed. They definitely don’t like to experience new things, however, if their partner wants to try something new, they will support them.

Men like such women because of their ability to give them confidence. Besides, such slim legs are quite attractive.… Read more

9 Things Men Definitely Want to Know Before Having Sex


Sex is one of the most important aspects of a strong and thriving relationship in this modern era. And that makes perfect sense considering that sex happens to be the pinnacle of physical intimacy. No relationship on the face of this world is ever going to survive when there is no intimacy. And why is intimacy important in a relationship? It’s essentially the level of closeness between two people. The more intimate you are with your man, the closer the two of you are going to become. And you also have to know that intimacy is never something that is purely emotional. Intimacy can also be mental, spiritual, and physical as well. Yes, you can feel emotionally close to someone; but you can do plenty of things in your relationship to make sure that you get closer and closer to each other.

And why is it important for two people to get closer to one another in a relationship? Well, all relationships are going to have their fair share of problems. And if you and your partner don’t have an adequate level of closeness, then you are going to be helpless to all of the pressure that could eventually crush your relationship. The closer you are to one another, the better equipped you will be to handle your issues as a genuine team.

Now, going back to sex. Sex is important because it represents the highest form of physical closeness between two people. And remember, it’s one of the few things that separates friends from lovers. The sexual energy between you and your partner is something that you’re always going to want to nurture and build upon. No matter how long you might be in a relationship together, you always have to be working on your sexual attraction as a couple. That’s why you and your partner really need to be communicating with one another as far as sex is concerned. However, your boyfriend might not necessarily be so open about how he feels about your sex life. And so, you’re left to play the role of a mind-reader. Well, you don’t have to anymore. That’s exactly what this article is for.

Just because your man refuses to tell you these things doesn’t mean that you don’t have the right to know these things. And the fact that you’re reading this article is proof that you’re a great girlfriend. It shows that you’re showing a willingness to learn about being able to make your boyfriend happier. And you probably already know just how happy sex can make him.

1. You don’t have to put extra effort into making yourself look good to be sexy.

You don’t always have to be putting on 10 layers of makeup. You don’t have to be wearing the sexiest lingerie. You don’t have to be stinking of expensive perfume. Sometimes, being relaxed can be just as sexy.

2. You don’t have to always be the submissive one.

Learn to take control in the bedroom every once in a while. Yes, he’s probably going to want to assert his dominance a lot; but you shouldn’t let him have all of the control. Show him that you’re capable of holding your own.

3. You should never be faking your orgasms.

If you’re not orgasming, then you shouldn’t be faking it. You’re not doing anyone any favors. Because even if you’re just doing it to make him feel better, he can probably tell that you aren’t being genuine about it.

4. You don’t always have to be injecting melodrama into everything.

Yes, sex can be this amazingly emotional experience that you share with someone you love. However, you don’t always have to make everything so dramatic the way that they do in the movies.

5. You should be willing to be adventurous every once in a while.

Show him that you’re easygoing and adventurous. Prove to him that you’re adaptable and flexible enough to be able too try some stuff that you’re not typically used to doing in the bedroom.

6. Don’t use your teeth when you’re going down on him.

He’s always going to love some oral stimulation – however, you need to do things right for him to enjoy it. Use your lips and tongue; but never your teeth.

7. Hygiene should always be of utmost importance.

This should practically be a no-brainer at this point, right? Always make sure that you practice proper hygiene if you’re going to be sexually active.

8. Always be patient with him in the bedroom.

Don’t make him feel bad if a move he wants to try isn’t going to work. Be patient with him. Let him have another try at it.

9. Wear some clean and pretty underwear.

Nothing can kill a mood quicker than having him find out that you have dirty underwear; or even if you’re just wearing super old granny style underwear. Make sure that you have some clean and modern underwear on.… Read more

What Your Sleeping Position With a Partner Says about Your Relationship


The things we use subconsciously can say a lot about us. For instance, when we sleep, the sleeping position and the dreams can say a lot about us. Moreover, if you sleep with your partner, the most usual sleeping position you have can indicate what kind of relationship you have. Hence, we decided to list the most common couple sleeping positions and their meaning. Take a look and learn something new about you and your relationship.

The Chase

This is a common couple sleeping position. It either indicates that one person is in pursuit of the other or that one partner does not feel like being in a close relationship, while the other one insists. The name itself indicates the meaning of this sleep position.

The Tangle

There is a lot of intimacy going on in this sleeping position. That’s why it is extremely rare! It is typical at the beginning of a romantic relationship. It indicates that the partners are too dependent on each other to sleep apart.

The Unraveling Knot

This position starts with the tangle position but unravels after a couple of minutes. It shows that the relationship is strong and there is independence between the partners.

The Spoon

This isn’t a common sleep position, but partners who sleep in this position are usually very protective over each other.

The Loose Spoon

This sleeping position is a sign a mature relationship. Although it is less sexual position than classical spooning, it is a sign of a serious and healthy relationship.

The Liberty Lovers

This sleeping position is quite common and shows connection and security.

The Back Kissers

This sleeping position is a sign of a relaxed and comfortable relationship.

The Nuzzle

This sleeping position creates a sense of protection, nurturing and strengthening of the relationship.

The Leg Hug

The partner who intertwines their legs shows that they crave an emotional or sexual connection. It is a good sleeping position as it indicates harmony between the partners.

The Space Hog

This isn’t a good sleeping position for partners as it shows that the partner is selfish and dominant. This type of relationship is toxic and should be ended as soon as possible.… Read more