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Every Woman Should Know These 12 Tricks with Vicks VapoRub


Proper care for  health and beautyis something that every woman needs, but this does not necessarily mean that she has to spend a small fortune on personal care products.
Vicks VapoRub, a popular remedy used by many of you in the case of colds, coughs, and such health issues, can, in fact, be a versatile product which can be used in numerous ways.

We suggest 12 of its uses that will ease your everyday life:

1. Fresh air

Add a bit of this ointment to the room humidifier to freshen the air in the room.

2. Soften the heels

Apply a thin layer of the remedy on the heels and put on socks, and leave it to act until the next morning. Then, wash the feet, and using a pumice stoneremove the dead skin cells. Repeat daily.

3. Treat headaches

By applying in on the forehead and temples use this product to treat your headache.

4. Prevent pet incidents

Apply a bit of it on the common areas in the home where your pet does its business, and its strong smell will prevent future accidents.

5. An insect repellent

Use Vicks VapoRub because commercial insect repellents are often loaded with chemicals this way you will keep flies, mosquitoes, and other pesky insects at bay.

6. Treat toenail fungus

Apply it on the nail affected by a fungal infection on a daily basis, every night before going to bed. Clip off the infected nail in the morning.

7. Reduce belly fat

Crush a camphor tablet, mix it with alcohol, sodium bicarbonate, and Vicks VapoRub. Stir until smooth, and apply this on the belly. Wrap with a plastic wrap, and leave it to act during the night.

8. Prevent inflammation and infection

Cuts and wounds can easily get infected, so to clean them and accelerate their recoveryapply a small amount of the ointment on them.

9. Save the furniture from your cat

Cats like comfy furniture and this love sometimes costs you a sofa. In this case, leave the Vicks VapoRub close to the place your cat likes to scratch and you will deal with the problem for good.

10. Soothe pain in the back and muscles

Vicks VapoRub effectively relieves muscle and back pain. All you have to do is to rub a bit of it on the affected areas and it will soon provide relief.

11. Get rid of your stretch marks

Apply this ointment on the areas affected by stretch marks and you will obtain visible effects in only two weeks.

12. Treat bruises

Apply Vicks VapoRub on bruises to vanish them in a short time.… Read more

By Putting a Cotton Ball of VapoRub In Ear All Night, See What Will Happen..


Probably due to the fact hat it is far different from other non-prescription treatments, Vicks VapoRub is incredibly popular over-the-counter medicine, which treats ailments with vapors.

According to Bridie Cavanaugh at eHow, its three main ingredients, menthol, camphor, and eucalyptus oil relieve a cough and congestion through inhalation. Additionally, it also acts as an effective topical analgesic.

Yet , this product offers various other benefits, and can provide surprising effects in the following cases:

Muscle aches

You should massage the painful area with this product, and wrap it in a dry, warm towel for dome time, to improve the positive effects.


In most cases, the earache is a result of an ear infection or a common cold. Yet, the pain in the ear is debilitating and makes it very hard to fall asleep. However, you can use Vicks VapoRub to soothe the pain, All you need to do is to rub a little on a cotton ball, put it in the ear, and leave it to act overnight.


In the case of a common headache, just apply some Vicks to the temples to soothe the headache fast, In the case of a sinus headache, put a bit of this ointment under the nose and breathe in slowly and deeply.

Cracked heels

To make your heels soft again, just apply Vicks in the evening, and massage the problematic areas. Leave it to act overnight, and in the morning, rinse with warm water and exfoliate with a pumice stone.… Read more

She Applies Vick Vaporub On Her Feet Before Bed; When You Know The Reason, You will Do The Same!


Colds and flu are the worst – they will make you tired and unable to breathe freely, and this can go on for even a week! Luckily, colds can be relieved with some natural remedies which mainly consist of apple cider vinegar, lemon, honey or cinnamon.

All these ingredients can boost your metabolism and help you recover better, but even they won’t work in some cases. So, is there something left when medications and these remedies fail? Yes, there is – apparently, applying the popular Vicks VapoRub ointment on your feet before going to bed can effectively eliminate a cold!

Vicks VapoRub is a clear ointment your mother probably smeared on your chest when you were sick as a child. The gel has a powerful aroma that opens up your airways and helps you breathe better, but now, it seems that it can also resolve colds and the flu as well. According to experts, rubbing some of the ointment on your soles and putting on socks before going to bed can treat your cough or cold in just a few days! The method is safe to be used on children and adults both, and many people who have tried it have reported incredible results! Try it yourself and see if it works – after all, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!… Read more

10 Unlikely Uses For Vicks VapoRub That Will Solve Your Biggest Problems


Surely you are one of the many that have the minty ointment in your home. This is known as Vicks VapoRub. Most of the time, this ointment is used for the prevention of colds, flu and chest congestion. Still, it can be very effective and used for many different reasons. Let’s check them out!

10 Most Unlikely Used of Vicks VapoRub

Foot Care

The Vicks VapoRub is a very strong moisturizer, which can heal cracked elbows and heels and it will make them as soft as a baby’s skin. You just need to rub some on your elbows or your heels before bed. Also, make sure that you wear 100% cotton socks. Then, rinse your feet in the morning with warm water and you will see some improvements even after the first use. This ointment can be used if you have toenail fungus as well. If you are suffering from this infection, just rub some VapoRub on your toenails, until the infection is gone.

Potty Train Your Pets

Use some VapoRub if you want to save a lot of money that is needed to potty train your pet. Just rub this ointment on the places where they want to pee and they will stay away from the place. The VapoRub will prevent them also from scratching the furniture. Moreover, you can even protect your shoes from being chewed or eaten, thus,  use this to your advantage.

Heals Bruises

If you have bruises, you can rub a bit of salt and VapoRub directly on the affected area. This will help with the healing process and it will reduce the appearance.

Reduces the Appearance of Stretch Marks and Wrinkles

Rub the Vicks directly on the areas where stretch marks and wrinkles appear. Just apply once a day and they will fade away. Moreover, applying on the face can help you reduce the appearance of the fine lines.

Relieves Earache

If you are having an ear infection, then VapoRub can help immensely. You just need to add a bit of the ointment on a cotton ball and then put the cotton ball in your ear and let it stay for a few hours to act. This minty ointment will relieve your pain and it will eliminate the infection too.

Eliminates Acne

Before you go to sleep at night, apply a bit of Vicks on your pimples or acne if you want to eliminate them fast.

Makes You Cry

Applying some VapoRub under the eyes can make you look like you are crying. The strong mint aroma will make the eyes red and to look like you are crying. Just be careful not to apply some of it inside the eyes because it can cause a lot of pain and irritation to the eyes.

Repels Insects

If you are bothered by mosquitoes, flies and other insects in the summer, you can rub this on the legs and arms and you will be able to keep them at bay. Moreover, you will be protected from irritating noises, bites, and stings.

Eliminates Fat

Just mix some soda with VapoRub, add a bit of alcohol and camphor and this will create a strong fatburner and it will eliminate fat accumulations in any part of the body.

Accelerates the Healing of Cuts and Wounds

The camphor and menthol in the minty ointment will accelerate the healing process of smaller wounds and cuts.… Read more

How To Best Use Vicks VapoRub to Eliminate Belly Fat & Cellulite and for Firmer Skin!


Vicks VapoRub has been used as a treatment for cold, headaches, congested nose, cough, throat and chest stuffiness. Nevertheless, Vicks VapoRub is able to do considerably more.

Vicks VapoRub is being used for hundreds of years and it is one of the most common decongestants which can be taken over-the-counter. In recent times, people use this in a number of ways and it is considerably more than a treatment for congested chest.

Here are 21 incredible usages of Vicks that your probably didn’t know.

  1. Daunts Mosquitos

Apply some Vicks on your skin or clothing and keep the mosquitos away.

  1. Sinus Headaches

In case you are afflicted with sinus headaches, apply some Vicks underneath your nose and deeply inhale. Vicks has a menthol which prevents headaches.

  1. Ease Acne

As impossible as it may seem, Vicks can help you have clean skin. All you need to do is rub it on your acne couple of times a day.

  1. Repels Insects

Apply some Vicks on your inner knees, neck, behind the ears and your elbows. Additionally, open a Vicks bottle while you are on a picnic and keep the flies away.

  1. Eliminates Bruises

A combination of Vicks VapoRub and a pinch of salt on a bruise which is fresh will eliminate it very quickly.

  1. Soothes Sore Muscle

Massage your muscles with Vicks and then cover the area with a dry and warm towel. Lift the aching limb or lie down till the pain lessens. Do this three times on a daily basis.

  1. Moisturizes The Skin

Vicks VapoRub will make your skin moist.

  1. Tennis Elbow

Applying Vicks can help you eliminate pain.

  1. Treats Dry Heels

Rub some Vicks on your heels and feet and wear some socks. Wash your feet with warm water in the morning. Utilize pumice stone to exfoliate the skin. Do this every night and keep the feet smooth and healthy.

  1. Toenail or Fingernail Fungus

Rub some Vicks on your fingernail or toenail two times every day. Next, put on some socks. Be sure to trim your nails till the part which is infected is completely removed.

  1. Soothes Cough and Congestion Symptoms

Rub some Vicks on your chest and throat to soothe these symptoms.

  1. Eliminates Cat’s Scratching

Apply some Vicks to your doors, walls and windows in order to stop cat’s scratching.

  1. Fast Healing of Splinters and Cuts

Run some Vicks on your cuts or splinters and speed up the healing process and prevent infection.

  1. Smell-free Racehorses

Vicks is rubbed under the racehorses’ nostrils on the day of the race. This keeps horses away from the stench of the female pony.

  1. Stretch Marks

Rub some Vicks on the area which is affected and you will soon notice positive results.

  1. Stops the Peeing of Your Pet

Put a bottle of Vicks in your house, make sure it is open, and your pet will no longer be wetting everywhere inside the house.

  1. Eliminates Eczema

Vicks can soothe the itchiness and inflammation caused by eczema.

  1. Soothes Serious Ear Pain

Put some Vicks on a cotton pad and put it inside the ear which aches.

  1. Athlete’s Foot

Rub Vicks two times every day and heal athlete’s foot.

  1. Remove Warts

Rub some Vicks two times on a daily basis and cover it with a sock or a gauze. You are going to notice improvements a couple of days later. Repeat this for approximately two weeks and the warts will disappear.

  1. Cream for Fat Burning

Vicks VapoRub can aid you to eliminate fat and have the figure you desire. Nevertheless, it does not do wonders but it can promote fat burning in the abdomen or legs, which are the troublesome areas.

In order to make your skin tissue firmer, eliminate cellulite and fat accumulation, you need to make a cream.


  • Alcohol
  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • Camphor
  • Vicks VapoRub


Crush the camphor well and mix it with all other ingredients till you get a paste. Put it in a glass or plastic container. Apply this cream every evening and massage by doing circular movements. Next, wrap the problematic area with some plastic wrap and leave it to work for half an hour or overnight.… Read more

How to Use Vicks VapoRub to Get Rid of Accumulated Belly Fat and Cellulite, Eliminate Stretch Marks and Have Firmer Skin


We all know the uses of Vicks VapoRub,but in this article we present to you some uses of Vicks VapoRub that maybe you don’t know

Sinus Headaches

This is a trick you must do immediately if you are suffering from sinus headaches. Apply Vicks under your nose and take a deep breath. Vicks contains menthol and it will help you calm your headache


You can now successfully keep mosquitoes away by applying a little bit of Vicks VapoRub on your skin and clothes.

Fast healing of cuts and splinters

Apply Vicks on your cuts and splinters to accelerate the healing process and prevent infections.

No More Bruises

If you combine a pinch of salt in Vicks VapoRub and apply it on a fresh bruise, it will help you get rid of it quickly.


If your muscles are sore, massage them using Vicks VapoRub, and then cover the area with a warm and dry towel. Raise your sore limb or lie down until the pain alleviates. Repeat this process three times a day.


Applying some Vicks VapoRub onto your heels and putting on socks afterwards before you go to sleep will help you a lot if you want to have healthy and smooth feet. You just need to do this every evening and wash your feet with warm water the following morning, then exfoliatethe softened skin using pumice stone, and that’s it.

Eczema treatment

Applying VapoRub on the affected area will get rid of the inflammation and itching caused by this skin condition.

Tennis Elbow

Apply Vicks and the menthol and camphor it contains will help you to ease your pain. Rub again until the ache stops.

Athlete’s feet

In order to relieve the infection, put VapoRub on the affected areas a couple times a day.

Removes warts

Apply VapoRub on the warts twice a day and cover the area with a gauze or sock – this will remove the warts in only a couple of days.

Eases acne

Did you know that VapoRub can clean the acne from your skin? Just apply some of it on the affected area a couple of times a day and it will dry them out quickly.

In this video you can see who to remove stretch marks :

Read more